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Choose Company Registration in Delhi As Per Structure

Choose Company Registration in Delhi

It is a good idea to choose the company structure that you prefer if you want to start your own business. The Company Registration in Delhi is highly preferable example for you to understand the significance.

A Private Limited Company is another way to start your business -

The company structure gives its shareholders limited liability. However, there are certain restrictions on who owns the business. It gives the credibility to run the business in the ambit of financial institutions and potential clients. It makes it easier for companies to get loans from banks at reasonable terms.

LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) - This option has many benefits, including a lower cost of company registration in Delhi and a lower burden for compliance.

One Person Company(OPC) is another type of company structure - This is the best type of company structure if you are the sole owner or co-owner of your business. This company structure is highly trusted by banks and other financial institutions.

Choose Company Registration In Delhi As Per Business Structure

There is lot to understand before registering your company. So here are the pointers that help you to give the details about company structure.

  • Private Limited Company

This is a type of business structure that is owned by private stakeholders. They can only be held liable for the shares they own. A private limited company is required to have at least 2 directors.

  • Public Limited Company

The Companies Act, 2013 allows it to offer its shares to the public is subject to limited liability. Anyone can purchase its stock. A public limited company must have at least 3 directors.

It is tightly regulated and required to publish its true financials each year.

If you are interested in getting your private or public limited company registered, please contact us to have hassle-free company registration online.

We will ensure that you get your company registration numbers, without any obstacles.

  • Limited Liability Partnership

It is a flexible legal body that provides partners with the advantage of limited liability. The partners can create "economies" of scale, with reduced liability.

Registering an LLP in Delhi takes less time than other business structures.

  •  One Person Company

If you want to be the sole owner of your company, OPC is best for you. 

Just fill out the registration form for your company to start the process. 

  • Section 8 Company

This is a type of company that is incorporated to provide social welfare. The registration process for a company is straightforward.

To register online in Delhi, get in touch with us.

Online Company Registration in Delhi 

Companies Act,2013 established these rules to ensure a smooth registration process.

OPC must have only one owner.

LLP must have at minimum 2 directors.

Private Limited Company has to appoint at least 2 directors

A Public Limited Company has to appoint at least 3 directors.

Section 8 companies must have at least 2 directors.

Unique Name: -

Your company name must not be repeated for any type of business structure. Unique names will make it easier for you to register your company in Delhi. This will help you follow your company registration process promptly.

Minimum Capital Amount: -

The minimum capital requirement is different depending on the type of business structure.

Private Limited Company in Delhi NCR: You can start with Rs.0 for the paid-up capital.

Public limited company in Delhi NCR: Rs. 5 Lakhs.

Make sure you have all required documents while you are doing Public company or Pvt ltd company registration online in Delhi.

Also, make sure you pay your company registration fees on time. This will ensure you get both your "company registration number" and "Company Incorporation Certificate" promptly.

Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Business Structure for Company Registration In Delhi

  • When registering a company online, it is important to choose the right business structure. It affects both Tax Returns and makes timely compliance.
  • Many business structures must have their books audited annually. Make sure you understand all legal requirements before you register online.
  • Some business structures, such as LLP or Pvt. Ltd. are more attractive to investors. A large number of investors are attracted to the Ltd. company.
  • The Pvt ltd company registration govt fees for companies will vary for every structure.

Company Registration Process in Delhi

It is important to register your preferred company structure. It offers certain benefits.

These are the steps for company registration in Delhi are as follows:

  • Step 1 - Application for DSC.
  • Step 2 - Apply to Director Identification Number (DIN).
  • Step 3 - Name reservation on MCA by using RUN services
  • Step 4 - Drafting of the Main objects of the company. (MOA and AOA)
  • Step 5 - Apply to the company's PAN and TAN.
  • Step 6 - Apply for Incorporation along with PAN or TAN.
  • Step 7 - ROC will issue a Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Step 8 - Open an account in a bank with the company name.

Benefits of Company Registration Delhi

Private Limited Company registration in Delhi NCR has many benefits:

  • Generation of More Capital

Capital is essential for any business to be able to produce more goods and services. There are two ways to acquire capital. The first involves funding via the public, while the second involves borrowing money from financial institutions.

  • Acting independently as a legal entity

A company registration in India is officially registered when it becomes a separate legal entity. It is a legal entity that acts independently on behalf of the following:

  • Promoter: These are people who initiated the creation of the company.
  • Directors: These people are responsible for the management and control of the company's operations
  • Shareholders: These people own the company 
  • Limited liability

You will be legally liable for everything that happens to your business, whether you are a partner or sole trader. A company is a legal entity that acts as an independent legal entity. This gives it a limited liability.

As such, you will not be held responsible for any debts attached to your company as an owner.

  • Decision-making power

If there is a dispute between the co-founders, they will resolve it. It will be determined by the number of shares they own which determines who is in control of the decision-making process.

  • Brand Awareness

You have the opportunity to enhance your brand image by having your company incorporated.

How to Select a Business Structure for Company Registration?

(When you're going for Online Company Registration in Delhi).

These are the factors that must be considered by anyone who wants to register a company in Delhi. To make an informed decision, he must consider these factors.

How many directors does a company have?

Only a live person (individual) can be appointed as director of a company. The following is the minimum number of directors:

In the case of a private limited company: At least 2 directors

In the case of a public limited company: At least 3 directors

In the case of a one-person company: a minimum 1 director

If your business has more partners, you can choose LLP or register a private limited company. The best business structure for your needs is a Limited Company.

Who will assume the responsibility for the business?

Certain business structures have unlimited liability (HUF and sole proprietorship)

This means that in the event of default or loss, all of the amounts will be recovered from the partners.

There are also business structures for diverse Company Registration in Delhi that have limited liability, such as a Private Limited Company, a Public Limited Company, or an LLP.

In this instance, the personal assets of both partners are fully secured. Their assets will not be affected even if they default.

The amount of initial investment you make will have a significant impact on the structure of your business.

In determining the business structure, a large part of your investment in your business will be determined by how much you have initially invested.

If you are looking to make small investments, then a Sole Proprietor, HUF, or a Partnership is the best business structure.

If you're looking for a large investment, a One Person Company, LLP, or Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi might be the right choice.

Tax Rates that apply to the business structure

Different types of business structures can have different tax rates.

Normal tax rates apply to sole proprietorships and HUFs. For partnerships and companies, however, the tax rate is 30%.

How do you get money from investors?

It will be difficult for you to obtain investments if your business structure has not been registered.

Unlike online company registration in Delhi company, entities such as LLP or Private Limited Companies can be trusted.

Comparison of Different Business Structures for company Registration in Delhi:

Type of Company Structure Who is it most suitable for? Taxation Benefits Legal compliance
LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) This is for businesses that are "Service-oriented Businesses" or have low investment needs. Depreciation has a benefit Both  ROC "Business tax returns" must be filed.
One Person Company (OPC) This type of business structure is intended for sole proprietors who wish to limit their liability. You'll receive a tax holiday for your first 3 years under the Startup Delhi program. Depreciation has more advantages There will be no tax on dividend distributions. You will need to file "Business returns". Limited compliance with ROC will also be required
Private Limited Company This type of company structure is intended for "businesses" with a high yearly turnover. Under the Startup Delhi scheme, you will be entitled to a tax holiday for the first three years. Depreciation has more advantages Both ROC "Business tax returns" must be filed. Audits are mandatory.
Public Limited Company This type of company structure is intended for "businesses" with a high yearly turnover. Tax exemption has many benefits. You must file Business tax returns. Audits are mandatory.

Checklist for Pvt ltd company registration document

You can check below company registration in Delhi are as follows:

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Declaration of an Affidavit by Directors and First Subscribers
  • Proof Of Office Address
  • Utility Bills Copy no more than 2 months old.
  • Copy of approval for names that contain words/expressions that require authorization from the Central government.
  • If a proposed title is based on a registered trademark, you must attach a trademark registration copy or trademark application copy.
  • NOC is available from sole proprietors’ partners/associates/existing companies.
  • Proof that subscribers are of their identity and have a residential address.
  • Proof that the directors are a person of good standing and have a residential address.

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Last Thoughts

We will ensure that you pay all company registration in Delhi on time. This will help you receive the company registration certificate as well as your company registration number within the stipulated time. We offer company registration services in Mumbai, Bangalore, and all over Delhi.


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