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Check Trademark Status – Search And Registration Process

Trademark registration

Check Trademark Status allows the applicants to view the status of their applications. Trademark application status can be easily tracked online using the government website. There are different kinds of status of a trademark.

A trademark is essential for a company because it serves as an identity of the company’s brand in the market. This can be achieved by trademark registration as it authorizes a company to obtain rights to use, distribute or assign a trademark. 

As a result, in this article, we will see the steps to check status of trademark along with the trademark search, trademark registration online process, and trademark registration fees.

How to Check Trademark Status?

Trademark application status consists of different stages of scrutinizing the trademark application where they are checked for any discrepancies or similarities. Let’s understand the procedure for checking trademark application status in the steps given below:

1. For checking the trademark status, Log on to the official website- Ipindiaonline Trademark Status

2. As you Trademark login India to the website, Select ‘Trademark Application/ Registered Mark’. After that, select the National IRDI number displayed on the screen

3. The next step in checking the trademark status, you shall enter the Trademark Application Number with the captcha code must be entered as it is shown on the screen then click on the ‘view’ button.

4. The Check Trademark Status of the trademark application will be displayed.

How to Register for a Trademark in India?

The Registration of a Trademark gives an exclusive right to the user. The Trademark Registration Online Process is carried out on the official website of IP India Trademark Registration. Let’s discuss the process of Trademark Registration Online India with help of the following steps given below:

1. Trademark Classification and search– There are a total of 45 categories of trademarks, and you have to choose as per your business requirement.

2. Application for E Register Trademark.

To register through the Trademark Registration portal, you will need the following information:
- Name of the Applicant

- The Applicant’s identity verification documents for check trademark status,

- Documents for Business Registration along with the specific class

- Goals for the company

- Name of the logo / brand/ slogan

- Address for registration

3. Vienna Code – The Vienna Code application is sent when the trademark has figurative elements or logos.

4. Trademark Examination process of the trademark application.

5. Trademark Publication in the Trademark Journals of India

6. Trademark opposition

7. Hearing of trademark opposition

8. Registration Certificate of Trademark is issued.

Every registered trademark has to be renewed after 10 years time period to ensure the protection of your brand.

What is Trademark Search?

Trademark search is a process that includes verification of the existence of a trademark in the Indian market and its authenticity. Check Trademark Status is performed after the trademark application. The trademark logo and the registered trademark logo are used to indicate trademarks.

A quick trademark search is conducted to find out whether there is any kind of unauthorized use of trademarks or not. The trademark search in India is conducted on an online database which is available through the website of the Comptroller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks. It can be used by any person applying for trademark registration.

How to do Trademark Search?

A trademark search is done in the following manner for a brand name to be registered.

1. For Trademark search, first check the trademark availability.

2. The next step for Check Trademark Status is to Check the availability of the trademark in three types of search options (Wordmark, Vienna code, phonetic).

3. Check phonetic, similar, or exact matches.

4. The fourth step is to Check words with similar prefixes and suffixes.

5. The fifth step is to Enter the correct class of search for trademark

6. The sixth step is to Click the ‘Start Search' button to view the results

What is a Trademark Class Search?

There is a global classification standard for Trademark registration. In total, there are 45 trademark categories. The 34 classes of classification signify the goods. The left 11 classes signify services provided by the business. 

However, each class categorizes a specific kind of goods and services. At the time of trademark application, it is mandatory to search the class of trademark by selecting a suitable class for your goods and services. The check trademark status shows you the application status.

How to Conduct a Free Trademark Search?

There are numerous search engines that provide free trademark name search. You can find out whether there are any similar trademarks already in use by a third party or not. The search will help you in understanding the business domain of the user of third-party. The trademark availability search should be conducted through other tools.

1. Identical trademark search is done to find phonetically similar trademarks or trademarks which are exactly match visually.

2. Similar trademark search to find identical or similar marks.

3. Company Name Trademark Search to find out the business name rights potential of creating a conflict with the proposed trademark.

Closure Now...

A person who has filled out the trademark application shall view the Check trademark status from the government website. Trademark is a distinctive sign that helps in identifying the goods and services of one business from another. We have discussed the trademark search, process of registration, and free trademark search. offers affordable solutions for Trademark Registration in India. So connect with us to get to know more through Industry Experts.