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IPIndia Public Search – Trademark Search In India

Trademark Search in India

IPIndia public search is a website freely available for performing different types of IP searches such as Patent Search, search for a Trademark, etc. IP stands for Intellectual property. It refers to an intangible property that is a product of the human mind, such as inventions, designs, symbols, etc.

The IPIndia search is the official website of Intellectual property India. The law governing Intellectual properties in India is administered by the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks (CGPDTM).

IPIndia search website is also known as InPASS which stands for Indian Patent Advanced Search System. It helps in tracking patents based on the filing date, publication date, etc.

What are the Activities Performed by IPIndia Public Search?

The IP India portal allows you to check the status of the Patent application/ Trademark application.

For Trademark:

1. Online e-filling of the Trademark application (requires IP India login)

2. Search for a Trademark for the published and registered trademarks

3. Search for details of similar filled Trademark and classes

4. Dynamic utilities for Trademarks.

What are the Types of Intellectual Property Rights?

There are different types of Intellectual Property rights. It is a right given to persons over the creation of their minds. It gives an exclusive right to the creator over the use of his/her creation for a registered period. 

The IPR public search is carried out on the IPIndia public search website of Intellectual property. The types of Intellectual Property rights which are popular are as follows:

1. Patents

2. Copyrights

3. Trademark

4. Designs

5. Geographical Indication, etc.

What is Trademark Public Search?

Search for a Trademark enables the business to check whether the trademark is available in India or not. A public search helps the individual/company to find already registered trademarks by using public online records. 

As a result, it provides companies to avoid using a trademark that is similar to an already registered trademark and discover a distinct and distinguishing mark. 

The trademark office allows such intellectual property rights to applications that are strong and unique. The search for a trademark is performed on IPIndia public search.

What are the Categories of a Trademark Search?

The categories of the search for a trademark in India are as follows: -

1. Wordmark search – This category is applicable to the goods and services which use wordmarks to identify and differentiate/distinguish themselves. It includes words, letters, numbers.

2. Phonetic search: This category applies when trademarks are used with the same pronunciation. Companies/Individuals can also apply for separate trademarks having a similar name by using different spellings.

3. Vienna code search: It is an international standard for figurative elements classification. While performing the search, one must enter the Vienna code having the class of goods and services.

How to Conduct a Trademark Public Search?

Search for a Trademark is carried out on IPIndia public search. It is a vital stage in the process of registering a trademark. By running this search, individuals and companies can avoid costly litigations and ensure that their brand name is unique and different from others. Companies/Individuals can search for a trademark in two different ways:

1. Preliminary search: In this case, the online records are checked by the applicant. While performing the search, the individuals should provide details about the description of goods and services, classification of goods and services, and search type.      

2. Full search: It requires professional help. The professionals determine comprehensive reports based on all the important parameters like trademark publications and business records.

What is a Trademark Class Search?

According to the NICE Classification (NCL), global classification standards for Trademark registration for Search for a Trademark, there are 45 trademark categories. The search is performed on IPIndia public search. 

The initial 34 classes represent goods and the remaining 11 classes represent services provided by the business. Every class is classified into a specific type of goods and services. While applying for registration of trademark, it is necessary to search the trademark class while selecting an appropriate class for your goods and services.

1. Finished goods

2. Multi-purpose goods

3. Raw materials

4. Multiple materials

5. Goods that are a part of another product

The classification of services is based on the activities performed/involved in providing that particular service.

How to E Register Trademark Online?

To apply for registration of a trademark on IPIndia public search, you have to follow the steps given below:

1. Trademark Classification and search– There are 45 categories of trademarks, and you have to choose as per your business need.

2. Application for E-filling Trademark registration

To register through the Trademark Register’s online portal, you will need the following information:

- Name of the Applicant

- The Applicant’s identity verification documents,

- Business Registration documents (along with the class)

- Goals for the company

- Name of the logo/ brand/ slogan

- Address for registration

3. Vienna Codification – The application for Vienna Codification is sent if the trademark contains figurative elements or logos.

4. Examining the process of the trademark application on IPIndia public search website.

5. Publication for a trademark in the Trade Mark Journals of India

6. Trademark opposition

7. Hearing of trademark opposition

8. Registration Certificate of Trademark is issued.

How to Check Trademark Status?

Trademark application status consists of different stages of checking/scrutinizing the trademark application where they are checked for any discrepancies or similarities. After the application is filled, the status can be checked in the following steps:

1. Log on to the website

2. On the left side of the screen, Select ‘Trademark Application/ Registered Mark’. After that click on the ‘National IRDI number'.

3. Enter the Number of Trademark Applications with the captcha given then Click on ‘view’

4. IPIndia public search website will display the status of the trademark application.

The Different types of trademark search status is necessary actions to be taken by the individual. You can also check for search for a trademark before applying for registration.

Benefits of Conducting an IP India Trademark search

The benefits to conduct a Search for a Trademark are as follows: -

1. It saves your time and money from wasting on a mark that is not available for use.

2. It helps in avoiding litigation costs charged in case of infringement of a trademark under the Intellectual Property Act.

3. It provides insights into registration concerns.

4. It provides information and details of any existing brand name similar to yours.

Closure Now... 

IPIndia Public search is a website freely available for performing different types of IP searches such as Patent Search, Trademark search, etc. IP stands for Intellectual property. 

It refers to an intangible property that is a product of the human mind, such as inventions, designs, symbols, etc. It is an online portal where suppliers of goods and services can register their right to moral protection and material interests. 

The website engages users on compliance matters, updates/amendments made in law, related to patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, etc.


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