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Complete TM Search Process on IP India Website

TM Search Process

TM Search is a process of verification of the authenticity of a trademark and its existence in the Indian market. It means the trademark symbol and the registered trademark symbol which are used to indicate trademarks. A search for a trademark is conducted to find out if there is any type of unauthorized use of trademarks or not.

A trademark is a word, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services from other businesses. They are important because they help consumers identify goods and services belonging to a particular company. It also helps businesses prevent others from using their name with similar goods or services without permission.

What is TM Search?

A search for a trademark can assist in identifying trademarks that are already in use and registered that can infringe on your trademark. It is held before the filing of an application for a trademark. In case, when another trademark has the same logo, name, or symbol as yours already exists.

What are the Categories of Trademark Search India?

There are three ways for searching trademark as follows: -

1. Wordmark Search: To apply wordmark search, enter the keyword of the mark as per your requirement for goods and services. While performing a TM search, your goods and services fall under more than one category, then you shall enter one at a point. Select ‘Start with’, ‘Contains’, or ‘Match with’ from the menu to start your search.

2. Phonetic Search: When you search phonetic, you will see all the words having alike sounds as your trademark. A phonetic search helps in removing confusion by checking that the mark is unique from others. It works in the same manner as a wordmark search.

3. Viena Code Search: It is commonly used for finding similar device trademarks. When you enter the six-digit Vienna code and then choose the appropriate class of goods and services. The public trademark search helps in saving legal dispute costs in the future.

How to Perform IP India Online Search?

You can perform different types of IP India online public search for TM search are as follows: -

1. Online registrations for different categories of IPR public search such as for Patents, trademarks, Industrial design, etc.

2. Online status check for filed registered IPs

3. IP India search trademark to know about similar trademark filed or registered

How to Perform a Trademark IP India Public Search?

A trademark public search is important when you are searching for a trademark with the trademark registry. The two different ways by which companies or individuals can search for a trademark are:

1. Initial search: The first and most common way is in which the records are checked online as well as through the Indian trademark database. While conducting this TM search, a keyword search on trademarks or brands that you believe might be similar to yours.        

2. Full search: The second way is to find out if the name is on file with the trademark registry. You can check the Indian government’s trademark registry or perform an IP India online public search. The database will give an insight into whether or not another company has filed for protection of their trademark against yours as well.

How to Search Trademark Name in India?

The process of trade mark search India in IP India website is as follows:

Step 1: To conduct a Search, Visit the trademark database using a web browser.

Step 2: Select Wordmark as the search type. Enter the wordmark you want to search on the database. The TM search on the trademark database has three conditions: ‘Start with’, ‘contains’, and ‘match with’.

Step 3: The trademark class search should be entered. Trademarks are divided into 45 classes. Every class contains a distinct group of goods and services. A registered trademark will only be allowed to the class under which it is applied.

Step 4: You can click on search to begin the trademark search online.

How to Search for a Free Trademark Name?

Various search engine tools provide free trademark name search India. You can find out if any similar trademarks are already in use by a third party. It will assist you in knowing the business domain of the third party user. The detailed trademark availability search should be carried out through various tools and databases.

1. Identical TM search to find phonetically the same trademarks or the ones that are visually an exact match.

2. Similar search for a trademark to find identical or similar marks.

3. Index search to find out companies having similar or identical names to the search term.

4. Company Name Trademark Search to find out the business name rights potential of creating a conflict with the proposed trademark.

How to Check Trademark Status?

Once the application is filled, you will receive an allotment number after you have completed the search for a trademark. The procedure to check the TM registration search status is as follows:

1. Trademark Login

2. Select ‘Trademark Application/ Registered Mark’. Then click on the ‘National IRDI'.

3. Enter the Application Number of Trademark allotted to you with the captcha, then click on ‘view’

4. It will show your application status.

You can go for TM search for the name before applying for registration.

What is Company Name Search Online?

When the company formation is taking place, you must conduct a trademark search company name to ensure that the name you choose is available. The process of choosing a company name is a very crucial part of the incorporation process. Checking the availability of a company name before starting the incorporation process reduces the chances that the application will be rejected by the authorities.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has established a regulatory framework and guidelines for the company name that you must consider when naming your company. The application may be rejected if your company name does not comply with the naming guidelines provided by MCA.

What are the Steps to Check Company Registration?

The process to search company registration number and TM search with the company name or Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is discussed below. The three basic steps to check the company registration are:

1. Go to the MCA website

2. Go to the ‘MCA services’ tab. In the drop-down list click on the option ‘View Company/LLP Master data’ i.e., MCA company master data.

3. Enter the Company’s CIN. Enter the Captcha code. Click on ‘Submit’. You can search for CIN by clicking ‘search’ beside the ‘Company/LLP Name’.

Closure Now…

Trade Mark search is vital for your business to provide you with information about any existing registered trademark that is similar or identical to yours. TM search is a significant process of verification of the trademark. It is conducted to find out if it is already registered by another person.

The main objective is to protect the trademark from being used by other persons without authorization. However, a registered trademark gives an exclusive right to the user. A trademark is a word, logo, symbol or graphical image used to differentiate one product or service from the another. is a leading platform for Trademark Registration Services. Connect with us to secure your brand within 4 hours.