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Trademark Registration Government Fees for Start Up

government fees for trademark registration

Trademark registration government fees are charged for brand names or logos to protect the companies brand value. The registered mark must be unique and not identical or similar to another mark already registered. The process of application can be made online or offline. For instance, the trademark registration fees for private limited is Rs. 9000/-.

The registration is valid for 10 years subject to renewal of the mark. It can be transferred from one person to another through an application and payment of fees. The offline fee is slightly more than the charges of an online application made on the trademark portal. With this blog, we will be understanding the registration in India process cost for start-ups and companies.

Do Indian Startups Receive A Rebate On Trademark Registration Government Fees?

The government of India has allowed a rebate of 50% on trademark registration fees for Startups under startup application. The DIPP certificate is compulsory for claiming the rebate for the application under the company is Rs. 4500/- with the professional charges of the attorney.

The Government of India has introduced Startup India in January 2016. The main aim is to form an ecosystem for the growth of startups and innovation for achieving long-term economic growth in India. The objective is to reduce the legal complications for small-sized businesses in the initial stages of their foundation. The eligibility conditions for businesses to get registered and Trademark registration government fees of Startups are as follows:

  • The enterprises can continue as startups for not exceeding 10 years from their formation
  • The government fees for registration are Rs. 4500/-.
  • An unincorporated organization cannot get recognized and registered as startup
  • Only registered Partnership firms, LLPs, and Private limited companies can be qualified as startups.
  • The turnover must not have crossed Rs. 100 crores for any financial year since the inception of the business
  • The enterprise must be involved in introducing new and innovative goods in the market, or in improving existing products through advanced technology.
  • The business should be formed with the aim of earning profits and increasing employment.
  • The enterprises should be original and not created by splitting or reconstructing existing enterprises. The trademark registration government fees are as prescribed for the specific applicant.

Why Is Trademark Registration Necessary For Startups?

The Government of India is promoting the startup environment in the country through various promotional programs such as Startup India. It has also given tax exemptions and other schemes to grow such organizations. The registration of a trademark is necessary for startups in the given points below:

  • Making a unique identity in the market
  • Allows you to establish your brand
  • Creating a brand recognition
  • The incentive for employees to join
  • Avoids legal issues in the future
  • Trademark is permanent
  • Company’s valuable asset
  • Sense of autonomy

What Are The Steps Involved For Registering A Trademark?

The stages involved in Trademark Registration and trademark registration government fees are as follows:

1. Trademark public search

2. Filling out the trademark application

3. Allotment of application number

4. Formality check to pass and Vienna codification

5. Examination of the Trademark application

6. Reply to the examination report

7. Advertisement of a trademark in an official journal

8. Certificate of Trademark registration and fees for registration of a mark is different for physical and e-filing of applications.

What Are The Benefits Of A Trademark And Its Registration In India?

There are various benefits of registration of a trademark which are as follows:

  • Protection of the brand –

A business having a registered trademark has legal support against an unauthorized person using the registered trademark.

  • Trademark is a most valuable asset–

Trademark registration government fees are charged after submission of the application. If your business is growing, it can lead to better value for your organization. Trademarks can also help in increasing the growth of a brand from one organization to another.

  • Easy Identification

Trademark helps the consumer to find your company and also aims to capture the attention of target consumers to further boost sales.

  • Employment is made easy-

The brand can generate employment opportunities. Employees tend to retain in a company where they get the good working atmosphere that an organization offers.

  • Business valuation and goodwill-

The Trademark is associated with products that enhance your overall business value and goodwill with a net worth in the industry.

  • A registered trademark is valid for 10 years-

After payment of trademark registration government fees, the term of the Registration of the Trademark is 10 years. However, you can also file for renewal after the expiry of the period.

What are the Registration Fees of Trademarks for Types of Applicants?


trademark government fees


The Govt fees for trademark registration in India for a specified class of goods and services included in one class have been increased to

Reduced trademark registration fees for MSME have been prescribed for individuals, start-ups and sole-proprietor.

  • In case of E-filling - Rs. 4500/- and
  • In the case of Physical filing, the trademark registration government fees is Rs. 5000/-.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Filling a Trademark Application

A trademark is a type of recognition that contributes to building the company’s image in the eyes of the public. Here are some of the important points to remember before applying for registration for a mark:

  • A visual representation – Trademarks can be registered in many types such as Word marks, and service marks are paid to register each mark, logo, and symbol, the shape of goods, series marks, collective trademarks, etc.
  • A type of an Intangible asset – A trademark is an intellectual property which offers various benefits to the enterprise. When a trademark is registered, it can be franchised, contracted, traded and distributed.
  • Trademark search – A trademark registration government fees are not applied for search facilities carried out on the Trademark Portal to check if a particular trademark already exists or not.
  • Trademark class search – There is a sum of 45 classes of trademark which specifies the different types of goods and services.
  • Voluntary registration – The registration of a trademark is done voluntarily. Along the registration, the owner gets an identity and ownership with the trademark registered.


The registration of a trademark should be the first priority when a startup is formed. It will help in protecting your business from legal issues in the future. It is important to secure a startup at the beginning to gain a position and trademark registration government fees are reduced for small-sized businesses. We have discussed the registration of trademarks in India process cost documents benefits of various types of organization. 


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