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How to Protect your Logo by Trademark Registration in Delhi?

trademark registration in delhi

If you prefer to protect your trademark, apply for trademark registration in Delhi. Don't wait; get in touch with the experts of a company lawyer to register your trademark immediately in the most reliable manner. Trademark registration is an intellectual edifice that not only benefits you but also ensures endless benefits for your generations. Just follow the simple process of trademark registration and get your trademark registered.

A quantity number is generated after the application is filed with the department. Applicants can continuously track the status of their application through that number. The trademark owner is encouraged to add the TM symbol after receiving the TM number. Now that we understand the importance of trademarks, let us also understand the importance of trademark registration and the benefits associated with it. You can register your trademark with the Registration Department to gain civil liberties of exclusive use of your trademark and to prevent others from tampering with it.

Online Procedure of Trademark Registration in Delhi

If you want to register a trademark in Delhi, you have to apply with the Registrar of Trademarks. The firstly is to do a trademark search. Using a powerful tool to search for marks in various categories. You will then need a trademark attorney to apply on your behalf. The trademark applicant must sign Form 48 and ™ 1 to be approved.

  • If everything seems to be in order the trademark registration is completed with the approval of the trademark registrar.
  • Once a trademark application has been submitted and is being processed by the government, it is important to track its progress frequently. Within applicant has 30 days to respond after objection.
  • If there is any objection, the experts will resolve it on your behalf to ensure that you secure your company's brand identity without further hassle.

Note: The trademark registration process is also called logo trademark registration.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Delhi

Registering a trademark will give you the following benefits;

  • First, it protects your brand from being used by others without your permission.
  •  It gives you the exclusive right to use your brand name and logo, making it easier to identify the products or services.
  • Third, it can help you successfully enforce your rights if someone is infringing on your trademark
  • Ultimately, it can add value to your business and give you a competitive edge.

Document Required for Trademark Registration

For the trademark registration in Delhi, you need to submit the following documents;

  • A duly completed application,
  • a supporting statement,
  • Required fee and copy of the trademark.
  •  The application must be signed.
  • The supporting statement must contain the basis on which registration is sought. The trademark copy must be clear.
  •  Finally, the required fee must be paid to complete the registration process.

How to register a trademark in India?

The main question arises is How to register a trademark in India? Following things always remember;

First, while filing your trademark registration in delhi, it is important to follow the correct procedure

  • Second, if you are not an Indian citizen, you must ensure that you register your trademark before you use it
  • Third, if you intend to sell goods or services nationally or internationally, it is recommended that you file for trademarks at the international as well as national levels.

Reasons for Rejection of Trademark in Delhi

A trademark application may be rejected for the following reasons;

  • If the applicant's goods or services cannot be distinguished from others because of the brand name
  • If it refers to a particular type, quality, purpose, value, or geographical location
  • If it is regularly used in local languages ​​or established business processes
  • If it misrepresents or deceives the public
  • If it affects people's attitude toward religion, caste, and other issues
  • If it contains slanderous/offensive content violating public decency
  • If it is forbidden in the Emblems and Names Act of 1950
  • If it represents the size of the product.

Trademark Registration Fees

  • Trademark registration govt fees for trademark registration is Rs. 9000 per application for a company.  for trademark registration, the government fee is Rs. 4500 per application per class per individual.

Owning a trademark vs. having a registered trademark

You become the owner of the trademark as soon as you start using your trademark with your goods or services. You establish rights by using them in your trademark, but those rights are limited and apply only to the geographic area in which you provide your goods or services. If you want stronger, nationwide rights, you have to register your trademark.

You do not need to register your trademark. However, a registered trademark provides broader rights and protection than an unregistered one.

For example, you use a logo as a trademark for handmade jewelry that you sell at a local farmer's market. As your business grows and you expand online, you may want more protection for your trademark and decide to apply for federal registration. By registering your trademark with us you create nationwide rights in your trademark.

Seek Expert Advice for Trademark Registration in Delhi

Following are some points of benefits of expert advice for trademark registration;

  • There are various benefits of having a free consultation before going through the registration process on your own. Professional advice and direction in establishing a legally recognized trademark are essential for several reasons.
  • Taking professional help will save you time and energy. Only experienced experts can help in such cases of trademark rejection and objection. If you are looking to register a trademark for your business in Delhi, then you should contact our trusted trademark experts without any hesitation.

Why should I register my business trademark?

It is widely accepted that a unique brand logo is the most valuable asset of any business as customers can quickly identify your product or service among competitors' products serving the same domain. Protecting your brand logo from misuse or duplication by others has become very important. This is only possible by trademarking your unique brand logo. So it is advisable to trademark your brand logo before anyone claims ownership of your brand and takes any unfair advantage.

Conclusion –

You can register your trademark with the relevant department to gain civil liberties for the exclusive use of your trademark and to prevent others from tampering with it. Trademark registration is become very important today. Without it there is no security for your company’s brand name, logo and many other things. Trademark registration helps you to grow your business with slandered dignity.


To obtain the protection of trademark rights, a trademark must be registered. Registering your trademark prevents others from copying your mark products with your trademark. Trademarks help consumers identify the brand and brand value in a single look like the tick symbol logo for Nike or the jumping wild cat for Puma etc.



how to register a trademark in delhi