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Process and Cost of Trademark Registration Near Me

Trademark Registration

Process and Cost of Trademark Registration

Trade Mark registration is the first step to register your brand. The registration of a trademark is significant for any business because it avoids the misrepresentation of other products with your logo and copying of your mark.

A trademark is a unique sign which is used to identify goods or services from a particular company such as the symbol of a tick sign for Nike, etc.

A trademark is a letter, sign, or symbol that identifies and differentiates goods or services from other companies. In India you can registered your brand using online portal or by submitting Online form.


What is the Importance of a TM public Search?

Trademark search is important as it provides information about an identical or similar Trade Mark. The following are some of the points that highlight the importance are as follows:

  • It helps in avoiding the infringement of applicable laws.
  • Trade mark availability is important for deciding on and it will avoid duplication of the same.
  • It is crucial to have a proper classification while filling out an application.
  • Future litigations can be easily avoided when a thorough public search is undertaken.


How to Check TM Registration Status?

Trade Mark Status can be checked using the following procedure:

1. Visit to the Government Portal of Intellectual Property.

2. Select Trade Mark Application / Registered Mark.

3. Select National/IRDI Number

4. Enter the Enter Trade Mark/Application Number.

5. Enter the Captcha Code and click on view link.

6. Now you can check trademark status using the aforesaid method.


What are the Advantages of the TM Public Search?

The search provides the following benefits are as follows:

1. The brand name  shall be distinct and unique.

2. Trademark search India is a process to search for available trademarks as an outcome you are also prevented from future legal disputes for using the unauthorized brand name. 


How to Register a Trademark in India?

Registration of Trademark online is conducted by visiting the official governemnt site. IP India trademark registration is an online portal for securing your brand .


Process of Brand registration is given in the steps mentioned below: -

Step 1: Choosing a Brand name –

You should select a distinct mark for representing the brand in the market. 

Step 2:  Public Search –

When you have selected a brand name , then you can conduct a free public search. It is also an database of the Trade Mark registry; you need to choose a specific class and search the online database.

Step 3: Filing application–

To register on the official portal of registration, you will need to file Form TM-A with the following information:

- Business registration proof

- Identity and Address Proof documents,

- Soft copy of the logo

The applicant receives a receipt of acknowledgment on the government website.


Step 4: Examining the process of brand name registration in India -

Once the application is filed, the Registrar will check whether the existing laws have been followed. There should not be any similarity between an existing mark.

Step 5: Publication in Journal –

After the process of examination, the registrar will publish your brand name in the Indian trademark journal. The public can raise any kind of objection within three months from the date of publication. When there is no opposition, then the registration certificate will be issued.

Step 6:  Opposition  –

When oppositions by third parties are made within three months, you need to submit an opposition response within two months.

Step 7:  Registration certificate –

A TM Certificate is given by the registrar when the trademark is approved on the registration portal. It is provided within 90 days from the date of application, provided there are no objections. Once the Trade Mark is registered, you can start using the R symbol next to your mark.


What is TM Cost in India?

The trademark registration fees in India  are given in separate two categories i.e., government fees and attorney fees. The government fees are fixed and specific to each entity. Whereas, the attorney fee depends on various factors for every applicant.

The two types of applicants are non-Individual and Individual and MSME categories.

For Non-Individual Applicants, the government fees are Rs. 9000/- per application per class. Whereas, for Individuals, MSMEs, and start-ups charges are Rs 4500/- per application per class.

trademark registration cost in india of MSME is reduced to 50% in comparison with other applicants. There is a condition for MSMEs and start-ups availing the 50% rebate on the fees, they must possess the Udyam registration certificate.


What are MSME TM Registration Fees?

The Government of India pursuant to Trademark Rules, 2017 has reduced the fees for MSMEs by 50% to Rs. 4500/- per application. MSMEs are mandatorily required to have their MSME Certificate.

TM Registration for MSME is quick and easy process and documents required are as follows: -

1. Copy of Logo (if any)

2. Proof of registered business address

3. MSME certificate

4. Certificate of Incorporation or partnership deed in case of an unregistered Partnership firm. 

trademark registration fees for msme are reduced to lower the burden on small-sized enterprises.


What are the Benefits of TM Registration?

Registration of a Trade Mark has several advantages and benefits for the owner:

Brand recognition –

Customers can identify the brand quality, features, performance, and much more through the registered trademark.

Ease of differentiated product -

Registered Trade Marks are distinct to the goods and services they represent.

Creation of an asset -

It creates a valuable asset for a company. It is recognized as intangible asset for accounting and income tax purposes.

Business valuation and goodwill -

TM is associated with products that enhance your overall business value, goodwill, and net worth in the industry.



Trade Mark is valid for 10 years and it can be renewed again indefinitely. It is vital as it avoids others from misrepresenting the products with your logo and copying your mark.

We have discussed the trademark search  and Fees and why is it important.

The  fees for trademarks are different from company to individual application. However, MSMEs fees have been reduced as compared to businesses of larger size and scale of operations.


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