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Trademark Registration Online Process in India

Trademark Registration Online Process in India

Trademark registration online is now made easy by many services provided. Trademarks are visuals in the form of words, devices, and labels that are applied to commerce or business.

These are applied to indicate to the common masses that this particular logo or symbol is related to a particular business house or owner of the business and item with which these business house deal.

Registered trademarks indicate that symbols or items belong to a particular individual’s commerce, and nobody has the right to use them. To avoid the misuse of the fake trademark or similar trademarks you need to register a trademark.

Is Trademark Registration online available in India?

There are lots of privately owned platforms that provide services of trademark registration to the people at their door. The whole process of trademark registration is made easy by the experts all the hassle of the process is handled by the service providers.

The government of India started the online process of applications for trademark registration through its official website. The trademark registration login of the government can be done at by clicking on this you can do your trademark registration online.

When you reach the webpage of the official website of the controller general of patents, Design & Trademark, office of the register of trademarks. You find the option named Menu. On hinting the menu, you will find opinions such as patent, trademark, design, and GI you need to hint the appropriate one, and then you will find related links under various links such as Trademark public search, Trademark status, Track legal certificate, etc.

If someone finds it difficult to register it by themselves you can take the assistance of platforms or expert who does that for incentives.

Trademark Registration Online Procedure

The whole process of trademark registration brings when we had a trademark in hand or through or image of the mark in our brain, form there onward the registration process begins, letting us learn the procedure step by step.

1. Make online searches for trendy and catchy names –

Whenever someone new lands in the market, he/she needs to have the name of the commerce which he wants to carry. The name needs to be unique and eye and mouth catchy. It will help people to remember your entity easily and there are many chances of making you popular by brand name only.

Do not use generic names because there are already in the market, choose the name with due care and diligence.

Make sure before applying for Trademark registration online or offline that your name is not in use already otherwise it would be only a waste of time because your application will be rejected for making changes.

  • Choose the logo or symbol for the name –

When you are done with your business's brand name, you must choose a logo or symbol representing your business or commercial items.

This logo or symbol will be a known trademark of your business. It can be a device, brand, heading, label, name, signature, word, letter, the numeral shape of goods, packaging, or combinations of colors or combination thereof section 2(m) of the trademark act 1999.

  • Move application for trademark registration online-

If you are moving the application do prepare the documents beforehand, In case you are registering for a trademark do have the business address proof plus the identity proof of the company directors, and in case of sole proprietorship id proof of him and address proof of business? PAN card number and Aadhar card number need to be with you.

Do prepare the softcopy of your trademark, proof of claims so that it can be used in other countries, and the power of attorney that needs to be signed by the applicant.

The application can be filled out through online and offline methods. It’s on you what you want to opt for. In case of offline mode, you need to move the application to the registrar’s office of the Trademark. On the submission of the application, you need to wait at least 20 days to receive the acknowledgment.

Trademark registration online will provide you with the receipt of acknowledgment. Immediately by the government site, on the receipt of the trademark, you are eligible for using the trademark.

Examination process –

The registrar will examine your application and communicate any objections to you. The objection commonly relates to the distinctive character and the similarity with the already registered trademark. The applicant can put his/her case either in writing or hearing.

Advertisement in Trademark journal of India –

On the completion of the examination process, the register will advertise your case in the Indian trademark journal. This is done to let others know about your application for the trademark. If there is no objection within 90 or 120 days from the date of publication, then your mark will proceed further for acceptance.

Trademark Registration Online Certificate –

When your trademark registration is done you will get the trademark registration certificate issued for you. The certificate will give you the right to exclusive use of the trademark. But this is subject to the validity of the registration and the condition, or limitation entered in the register.

The best example of a trademark is ISI and Agmark.

Application Status -

The applicant can get his /her status of application check online, by visiting the official website. Which is mentioned above. You can check the status through the allotment number. You will receive this number when your application is received. It will take time of eighteen to twenty-four months to know whether the application is expected or rejected.

This is the process of registering a trademark in India, for the knowledge of the country's common people. trademark registration online helps in knowing the status.

Who can apply for a trademark?

The person who uses to claim himself or herself to be the proprietor of the trademark or who will going to use it can apply for the same. The application can be made in the name of the partner of a firm, individual, corporation, or any of the government department, Trust, or by the joint applicant.

What is the validity of Trademark registration?

In India, the trademarks are registered for a period of ten years from the date of filing of the application. But you can renew it from time to time. While you are going for the renewal of the trademark you need certain documentation such as a copy of the registration certificate. Copy of the form used for registration that is a form used during registration of the trademark and Identity proof and address proof of the applicant. The validity of trademark registration online and offline modes will be the same.

What needs to be taken care of before trademark registration?

There are quite a several things that one should keep in mind while doing registration. Let’s learn them in the steps below –

  • Check the existing business in the market before starting with the application.
  • If there is a business that is dealing with products or services that you are going to provide new in the market and you both got a similar name by chance then that might go to cause problems for you because the application will get rejected straightaway.
  • After searching the name and business in existence, you need to choose a class of trade description from the Trademark registration list which is divided into two parts. You need to choose the class under which your trademark falls. This all is done during Trademark registration online and manually.
  • Do the Public Search of the trademarks, this search will help you in finding whether another person had applied with a similar name as you do and the nature of the goods and services with which he deals.

What are the benefits of Trademark Registration?

Trademarks must be a unique symbol or sign, in India trademark, registered under the trademark registration act of 1999. This Trademark will enable you and the third party to distinguish your products and services. Trademark is visuals that can be of any form.

A trademark should be easy to use, it will promote your products and service, and it will distinguish your products and services from your competitor. Let’s learn the benefits associated with it one by one.

  • Legal Protection under Intellectual property rights ( IP India)  -

Trademarks are considered intellectual property and therefore are protected from infringements. Trademarks present the exclusive right to use the goods and services it represents. On the successful filling of the application, you can use the symbol “TM” whereas “R” is used only after you have obtained registration. It will be legally protected if you had obtained trademark registration online.

  • Product distinguishing trait –

It will be of great help to you in distinguishing your products and services from the competitors in the market. The trademark registration will be valid for the entire class of goods and services. So, it will be of great help in distinguishing your products and services. This will help in creating a customer base in your country.

  • Recognition –

Customer does give their recognition to the products and services, their quality, features, performance, quantity, and so on, and associate them with the company and its used trademark.

  • Asset creation –

Trademarks will create an asset for your entire commerce of yours. Intellectual property is considered an intangible asset. It does carry the value of the products and services with it, trademark registration online will bring all these benefits with it.

Trademarks can be sold, franchised, and assigned for commercial exploitation in any manner by the proprietor.

  • Valuation and goodwill –

A trademark that is registered will enhance your business value and it will help in increasing the net worth of your business and industry with whatever you associate it. They help in retaining the loyalty of the customers and do protect the goodwill of your business.

  • Help in business expansion -

Trademark helps in establishing the connection between the customer and the products of the business house. It will help you in reattaining your customer and creating new ones.

  • Expression of the business outside India –

A trademark that you registered in India can be used outside India, but for that, you need to get the registration of the trademark in the respective country. Trademark registration in India will become the base for it.


Trademark registration online, is available for all, without any limitation. Whenever you are ready with your logo, brand, or symbol which needs to be different, is prepared you must immediately apply for registration before using it so that nobody could use it. It usually takes six to eight months to register a trademark in India, if there are no objections. You must timely apply for trademark registration before using it in the market.


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