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Role of Trademark Registration Search India

trademark registration search india

The trademark registration search India is the first step in the registration process of a trademark before spending money and time for a mark. It involves the search through the online trademark database on the IP India website.

A trademark search provides information about an identical or similar trademark that has been already filled with the trademark registry.

Once the trademark search is completed, the application for trademark registration India can be filled with the trademark registrar. The trademark application must be made in a manner prescribed and filled with fees for registration of a trademark.

In this blog, we will be discussing the services provided by the trademark registrar with steps to register the trademark.

What is a Trademark Registration Search India?

A trademark is a symbol, word, phrase, logo, or combination of all of these that legally distinguishes one entity’s product from others. Any infringement of a trademark is illegal and therefore grounds for the entity owning the trademark can sue the infringing party.

An online database is available which can be used by the public to perform a search for a trademark. The database contains registered, objected and expired applications.

A search of the trademark database will provide the user with valuable information about any query on the trademark.

How to do a Trademark Search?

The steps for the Registration of a Trademark are given below:

1. The professional of trademark registration search India and generate a search report of the trademark.

2. Log in to the IP India Trademark registration website

3. Click on the trademark tab and then click on public search

4. There are three search criteria available –

  • Wordmark
  • Vienna code and
  • Phonetic

5. Enter the word mark, Once the criteria are selected, the keyword field change

6. Click on the search button for the Trademark registration search.

7. The results will show either registered/objected/abandoned which will help to decide the trademark registration.

How to Register Trademark in India?

The stages involved in Trademark Registration in India are as follows:

1. Trademark public search –

The first and foremost thing is to carry out an exhaustive trademark registration search India. A detailed search gives a fair idea about similar and identical trade mark, which helps in deciding the right trademark to apply for registration.

2. Filling of the trademark application –

Once the Trademark is finalized it can be filled electronically or directly at Trademark registry. The government fees depend upon the nature of the applicant and mode of filling, for the natural person the fees are Rs. 4500 for small-sized enterprises when filled physically for electronic filling. The application can be filled in a single class or multiple classes depending upon the nature of goods and services. The fee is calculated as per class.

3. Allotment of application number –

Once the trademark registration search India is done, the application is filled out at the registration office of the trademark, a unique application number is generated, which helps in tracking the trademark status of the application online.

4. Formality check to pass and Vienna codification –

Once the trademark application is filled, it undergoes several formality checks and if there is any technical flaw in the application, then a formality check fail is issued the applicant is required to overcome the technical flaw within the prescribed time limit.

5. Examination of the Trademark application –

A Trade Mark application is usually examined within a month from the date of filling. Apart from the formalities a Trademark examiner usually examines an application under the absolute and relative grounds of objection under a section of the Trademark Act, 1999. Trademark registration search India should be conducted carefully to avoid any objections.

6. Reply to examination report –

During examination, if a trademark application is objected to by the examiner under the section, then it is required to submit a reply to the examination report within the stipulated time of 30 days.

7. Hearing –

If the examiner is not convinced by the reply to the examination report, then there are chances of a hearing which is required to be attended by the applicant or authorized agent.

8. Advertisement of a trademark in an official journal

Once a mark is accepted or allowed by the examiner either at an examination or after a hearing it is published in an official journal.

9. Certificate of Trademark registration –

The trademark registration search India is done initially to get the certificate which is valid for 10 years from the date of filling. The certificate can also be renewed during the last year of existing registration by paying appropriate fees. You can also trademark certificate download from the website.

What are the Benefits of Trademark Search?

The five crucial benefits of searching for a trademark are given as follows:

1. Saves money and resources –

The first benefit of performing a search in the India trademark database is that it helps in saving money and time against a mark that is not available for use. Proceeding with the registration of the trademark in the absence of any trademark registration search India can prove in the loss of valuable financial and other resources in the form of rejected trademark application.

2. Saves time and provides flexibility –

A comprehensive trademark search helps in recognizing the identical or similar trademark existing already and minimizing the chances of any actions or objections by third parties that can result in delayed approval or rejection.

3. Avoid business problems –

A company may choose to move forward with mark usage and application filing without any searching mechanism for the trademark. It may also commence its marketing and branding activities with the mark is found to be infringing on a registered trademark.

4. Avoid dispute & litigation costs –

Using an existing trademark of other person is most likely to cause a legal dispute and increase the chances of litigation if the owner of the trademark is willing to enforce its right. The trademark registration search India should be done carefully to avoid future litigations.

5. Get valuable insights –

In the course of performing a search for a trademark, one can also develop insights about the trademark that competitors are using in the same industry or domain.

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The search for a trademark is a critical task before embarking on the registration of a trademark or enforcing your infringement rights. To get the desired results from a registration trademark search, it is also vital to familiarize yourself with the appropriate tools and strategies. If performed optimally, the advantages of the search for trademarks beyond monetary savings and interests. provides top quality Trademark registration service in India. Secure your brand with us within 4 hour.