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Trademark Search India-Best Result For Logo Registration

Trademark registration

Trademark Search India must be done before filling a trademark application with the register. A trademark is conducted for the class in which you want to file your application. 

It is done to find out whether there is any trademark already registered or if any applicant submits for it, if such kind of situation emerges in which your proposed trademark is already registered, or submission of application is done before you then in such case you need to find another opinion for yourself.

Trademark is getting more and more valuable in today’s competitive world because if you don’t apply for them somebody else can apply for them.

How to do Trademark Search India for Better Results?

Before getting into the search for a trademark, let’s know the meaning of the word trademark for a better understanding. Trademark can be a word, design, or symbol which is used to differentiate between your products and services of yours from others. The trademark is the intellectual property of the person, therefore proper registration of it is also needed to claim all the benefits associated with it.

According to the provisions of the trade act, it refers to a mark that is capable of being represented graphically. This mark distinguishes the goods and services of one person from that of other competitors working in the same field.

The trademark registration is controlled by the comptroller general. Trademark search India can be done by the database on the trademark on the official website of the controller and comptroller general this can be used by professional and non-professionals. This database contains all the applications that are submitted and records of the trademarks which are already used.

The application you will find on the database is of a variety of types such as trademark which is registered, applied, objected to, and expired, this database will serve all your queries.

Let’s know get into the process of trademark search –

  • You need to visit the trademark database search with the web browser.
  • Wordmark is to be selected as the type of search at the page top.
  • Now, select the wordmark of which the search is to be made. The trademark search India database can be searched with the query on three conditions which are – start with, contains, and match with
  • Start with giving you all the query results from the database with the value for search.
  • Contains provides all the entries in the trademark database search and will contain the value provided for the search.
  • Match with give all the entries in the trademark database search that matches with the value.

You have entered the class of trademark which is applicable. There are 45 classes into which the trademark is divided with each class representing a different group of goods and services. Your application will be processed under the class in which it was applied in trademark search India.

What is Trademark Public Search?

To avoid trademark dispute-related research, you need to do a detailed trademark search so that any future difficulties can be avoided. The search is done to make sure that the trademark for which you are applying is available within India. These public search results will help in avoiding the use of the same name and mark.

The office of a trademark gives only intellectual property rights to the original applicants. If your trademark resembles the symbols, logo, or name of the existing one your applications will be rejected. Therefore, you must make sure that your trademark is distinctive before filling it.

Types of Trademark Public Search -

The trademark search India comprises generally of three categories which are as follows –

  • Search relating to wordmark –

The wordmark search means products and services which use the wordmark to make a distinction between themselves. It means the word or any other marking that is used to identify or distinguish goods and services.

Wordmarks can be of various kinds such as letters, digits and typographic elements, and many other things. The trademark which is based on a wordmark can be applied to firms that use it to produce goods and services.

  • Search relating to Vienna code –

The Vienna code is the international system for the categorization of the figurative terms of trademarks. Trademark search India representative terms such as graphics, pictures, labels or illustrations, and other elements can be presented graphically.  The Vienna code for a trademark is assigned by the trademark office to the applicants of the trademark with symbolic aspects.

If you are searching for the Vienna code, enter it first after the products and services. India adopts figurative markings for international categorization.

  • Search Phonetic –

The search for phonetics is made when two trademarks used to have the same sort of pronunciation. Companies use the phonetic search in case there is a similarity between the brands and there is confusion between them. In Trademark search India case, the name of the product is the same, but it uses different spellings it can be confusing to the audience, and you can lose the custom of your products. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings you can use the search phonetic before trademark filling.

How to Check Trademark Availability?

In case you are new in the business industry, and you want to file for a trademark you have to first check whether there is the availability of the trademark for which you want to register. You must search before applying for a trademark.  You can check the trademark by following the steps –

  • First you need to login into the website once you login the website.
  • You need to enter the keywords and fill in the class under which your products and services fall.
  • After doing this you have to do the authentic search by the end of it you have to choose the right trademark for yourself.
  • Then you need to file the trademark. If no result is found after the search of being filled/applied /objected, it means you can file your trademark application.
  • The registrar of the trademark may allow your application for the examination after the proper time. Trademark search India is done by people who want to file for trademark application.

How to Check Trademark Status?

The application for the trademark will have a Unique trademark application number. On immediately filling out the application the details of it will be available on the website of the trademark registry for verification.

The status of the Trademark application can track from the website of the E-Register and the application status.

To check the status of the trademark you need to do the following things –

  • You must visit the trademark application
  • Then registered mark
  • Select the Search Option
  • The file the national / IRDI number
  •  Trademark search India , Insert the trademark application number
  • Your results will be provided to you with the details.

You can click on the application number to get more details and the avail status.

What does Trademark class search mean to you?

The trademark is divided into 45 different classes according to the NICE classification for the trademark this is also known as international Certification of the goods and services. You will find a trademark for a distinct set of goods and services.

To avoid any discrepancies in the trademark registration it is necessary to do a trademark search. You need to choose the right class of trademark because the wrong classification can affect your registration process.

The application of the trademark can be filed within more than one class in case the business activities involve different goods or services which falls under different trademark classification. The trademark search India can be filed in another class with it already exit under one class.

This means that filling out the trademark application under one class will not exclude you from the other class. The exclusivity of the mark will give under one class for the goods and services. You can use the trademark tool for the correct trademark class for your goods and services. Of the 45 classes mentioned 34 will belong to the goods section and the other 11 will come under the service section.

What is Trademark Registration Fee?

There are several trademark registration fees in India there are several things to keep in mind. The first things are to file the fee with the Indian trademark office, and it varies depending on the kind of trademark. 

The trademark’s second registration requires renewal every ten years to continue protecting your brand. There are some factors that you need to take care of while paying for the trademark to make sure that you do not pay more than you need to. The registration fee varies depending on which class you want to apply for.

Many different fees can be charged such as marks, series of marks, and marks associated. The charges will be taken for each class. The basic trademark search India registration fee is only Rs 4500 per class for individuals, single firms, start-ups, or small entities. At the same time filing of the trademark goes double to 9000 per class for the other applicants.

The applicant can include a corporate body or limited liability, Partnership, or firm joint firm. Therefore, the government fee for applying varies and it also depends on the classes that you wish to protect.

Classification of the Goods and Services -

Whenever you are protecting a trademark the right class selection of goods and services is to be done. Before selecting the classes, you need to make sure that your service had a thorough understanding of your profile. For example, to sell your goods online your trademark will fall under different classes of web app development services.

Trademark Search India -

  • The First step to register a trademark is filling it out. This search will help you to find out whether the name or logo of your company is like a registered trademark. The trademark office will do this search with an attorney or agent. This is done to make sure that any identical trademark is registered in any special class.
  •  This search is done to reveal the presence of a similar or identical brand and will help to make sure that a distinctive trademark is there. If your trademark is found to be unique the next step will be taken.

Benefits of Trademark Search in India -

Your company name or trademark may appear like the other well know marks, so the trademark search will determine the following –

  • Some trademarks are restricted to private individuals; therefore, you need to check whether your trademark falls within that category.
  • Trademark search will your information and specification about the brand name that is like the Vienna code.
  • If the brand name has gained market recognition you can register it, therefore completing a trademark search is essential to save money.
  • It helps in wasting money on something that cannot be achievable

Therefore, you must do Trademark search in India. Before goods and services go on sale, it offers you the chance with time get to update your mark. provide complete adviosry related to trademark registration. Secure your brand with within 4 hours.