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Information About MCA XBRL Validation Tool

mca xbrl validation tool

MCA XBRL Validation Tool ensures that only XBRL documents are filed with MCA under section 137 of the Companies Act, 2013. The requirements of the MCA Validation Tool are a very essential thing for improving the quality of financial information/disclosures in XBRL.

Successful validation of sample documents is a pre-requisite before filing the balance sheet and profit and loss account on the MCA portal. It also noted the mere successful validation of an XBRL document by the MCA validation tool. This validation tool does not necessarily mean that the provisions under Section 129 of the Companies Act, 2013.

This XBRL document is necessary to 'standardized' XBRL document which also provides a true and fair view of the company's affairs as per the financial statements adopted at the AGM. 

This MCA XBRL Validation Tool also provides a 'human-readable' PDF version of the XBRL document to facilitate verification and validation of the XBRL document filed by the company with the MCA.

XBRL India is the jurisdiction of India of XBRL International. Its main objective is to encourage and promote the adoption of XBRL in India as a standard for electronic business reporting in India. XBRL India is working closely with regulators, stock exchanges, and software companies to promote XBRL as a standard business reporting language.

Overview of MCA XBRL Validation Tool

It is to be noted here that the validation of the example document on MCA XBRL validation. In terms of instrument classification and MCA, business rules are an authentication tool. 

Does not check the quality, completeness, and correctness of tagging. Quality An example of tagging is document completeness and correctness Responsibilities of the Company and Person Certifying XBRL Filings.

What is XBRL?

XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It is an electronic business language and electronic communication business. It is very useful for creating, analyzing, and communicating business information. Traditional business reports in various forms like Printed financials, PDF documents, spreadsheets, HTML, etc.

XBRL Applicability

This is an xbrl applicability mca xbrl validation tool. XBRL is an Extensible Business Reporting Language for the electronic communication of business and financial data that is revolutionizing business reporting worldwide. 

It provides great benefits in creating, analyzing, and communicating business information. The use of XBRL has resulted in cost savings and increased efficiency for all participants

XBRL Filing under the Companies Act, 2013

Under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 (Filing of Documents and Forms in XBRL) Rules, 2015, the following categories of companies shall file their financial statements with the Registrar in e-Form AOC-4 XBRL-

1. All listed companies

2. All companies with paid-up capital of Rs 5 crore or more

3. All companies with a turnover of Rs 100 crore or more

4. Companies that are required to prepare their financial statements as per Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015.

MCA XBRL Validation Tool gives more accuracy in XBRL filing.

The companies which are exempted from XBRL filing-

1. Non-Banking Financial Companies

2. Insurance Companies

3. Banking Companies

4. Housing Finance Companies

Download the MCA XBRL Validation Tool from the MCA Portal

A validation tool is provided on the MCA XBRL portal to validate the generated XBRL instance document. Verification of instance documents is a pre-requisite before filing the balance sheet and profit and loss account on the MCA portal. You need to download the tool from the portal and verify the instance document before uploading it.

MCA can be an XBRL validation tool you can download it from Ministry's XBRL website ( Complete the xbrl login process. All MCA will be used this authentication tool for XBRL filing i.e. Financial Statement 2010-11 (on a retrospective basis Schedule VI) and financial year 2011-12 (based on new Schedule VI) as well as cost audit and compliance report (which will be enabled later in the tool).

Before validating the example document, the applicable classification user should select from the drop-down option "Classification".

If the user is under a LAN network, he/she must click on the 'Proxy Settings' link below. ‘Category’ menu in the MCA XBRL Validation Tool to enter the proxy host and port along with username and password. This is to set up an internet connection, required to download the taxonomy via the XBRL authentication tool.

Expenditure xbrl software price per year per company Rs. 1,500/- less (including taxes).

Load The Instance Document Into The MCA XBRL Validation Tool

To load an instance document, you need to click the Open button, select the instance document and open it. To load another example document you don't need to exit the tool just click 'Open' again in the menu bar to open the next document. Company details are available in the XBRL viewer under the General Information tag.

How to Use the MCA XBRL Validation Tool to Validate Instance Documents?

The next step is to validate the sample document. The following validations will be done through the tool:

• Verifying that the example document conforms to the latest and correct version of the taxonomy prescribed by the MCA.

• All mandatory elements have been entered

• Business rules as specified by MCA

• Validation related to XBRL technical specifications by taxonomy

See Classification Architecture Guide and Business Rules provided on the MCA XBRL portal

AOC 4 XBRL Applicability

  • Every company should file a financial statement along with Form AOC 4. For more accuracy and an easy method is MCA XBRL Validation Tool.
  • Every Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is required to comply with Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) Form AOC 4 NBFC (Ind AS) and consolidated financial statements, if any, along with Form AOC 4 CFS NBFC. (Ind AS).
  • Every company incorporated under Section 135(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 has to submit a Corporate Social Responsibility Report in Form CSR-2 for the previous financial year (2020-2021) and thereafter as Annexure in Form AOC 4 or AOC. 4 XBRL or AOC 4 NBFC (Ind AS), in the case. However, for the financial year 2021-2022, Form CSR-2 can be filed separately after filing Form AOC 4 or AOC 4 XBRL or AOC 4 NBFC (Ind AS) on or before March 31, 2023.

Companies (Filing of Documents and Forms in Extensible Business Reporting Language) Rules, 2015 as per XBRL requirements where companies are covered financial statements should be uploaded in XBRL format. The following categories of companies should file their financial statements and other documents in e-Form AOC 4 XBRL:

  • All listed companies with any stock exchange in India and their subsidiaries.
  • All companies with a capital of 5 crores or above.
  • All companies with a turnover of 100 crores or more.
  • All companies are required to prepare their financial statements as per the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015

Vital Advantages of XBRL

MCA XBRL Validation Tool plays a very important role in xbrl.

  • XBRL gives so many benefits for all stages of business as reporting and analysis. The benefits are seen in automation, cost savings, faster, more reliable, and more accurate handling of data, improved analytics, and better quality of information and decision-making. 
  • All types of organizations can use XBRL to save costs and improve efficiency in handling business and financial information for this purpose MCA XBRL Validation Tool is very helpful. Because of extensibility and flexibility, XBRL can be adapted to a wide variety of different requirements. All participants in the financial information supply chain can benefit, whether they are creators, transmitters, or users of business data.
  • XBRL can enable producers and consumers of financial data to switch resources away from costly manual processes which are typically involving time-consuming comparisons, assemblies, and re-entry of data.

Difference Between AOC 4 and AOC 4 XBRL

  • AOC-4 needs to attach financial needs whereas for AOC-4 XBRL it is not mandatory to attach.
  • Validation is done from inform itself through its self-check form and pre-scouting check. XBRL tool is free of cost and can be downloaded from the MCA website. MCA XBRL Validation Tool also helps for this purpose.
  • XBRL filing needed documents are for like the note to account, accounting policies details, the breakup of revenue, etc.
  • XBRL is time-consuming as compared to normal AOC-4 data. Which is required to fill in more.


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